About the Chicago Urological Society

Organized in April of 1903, the purpose of the Society is the cultivation and improvement of the science and art of urology, the study of the genital tract in the male, and the urinary tract in both sexes. The Society also endeavors to bring together those physicians in the Chicago area who are interested in this field and to encourage research.

Thanks to the efforts of past leadership, and over 100 years of outstanding urological education, we remain an elite and venerable organization.
— Christopher Coogan, MD -2014-2015 CUS President

2018-2019 Executive committee


Allen Chernoff, MD


Paul Yanover, MD


Norm Smith, MD


Daniel Dalton, MD



Sarah Adelstein, MD

Larissa Bressler, MD 

Christopher Coogan, MD

Bejan Fakouri, MD

Sam Garlovsky, MD

Daniel Garvey, MD

Laurence J. Gott, MD

James Griffin, MD

Gopal Gupta, MD

Matthias D. Hofer, MD

Gordon J. Kinzler, MD

Laurence A. Levine, MD

Tamra Lewis, MD

William Lin, MD

Marcus Quek, MD

Mark Schacht, MD

Herbert Sohn, MD, JD

Charles Turk, DO

Thomas M.T. Turk, MD