Resident AWARDS

Irving J Shapiro Imaging Contest 2018 Winners!

1st Place - Matthew Davis, MD - Pediatrics (Southern Illinois University)
2nd Place - Suzanne Talamini, MD - Hydronephrosis (University of Illinois Chicago)
3rd Place - Christopher Olivares, MO - Pediatrics (John H. Stroger Cook County)

Congratulations to our 2018 winners!

1st Place (Clinical Research) – Adam Weiner, MD (Northwestern University)
1st Place (Basic Science) – Petar Bajic, MD (Loyola University)

2nd Place (Clinical Research) – Daniel Sadowski, MD (Southern Illinois University)
2nd Place (Basic Science) – Alexander Glaser, MD (Northwestern University)

3rd Place (Clinical Research) – Michelle Van Kuiken, MD (Loyola University)

Irving J Shapiro Imaging Contest
Congratulations to the 2016 winners!

1st Place (Clinical Research): Robert Blackwell, MD- Loyola University
1st Place (Clinical Research): Julia Fiuk, MD- Southern Illinois University
1st Place (Basic Science): Jessica Hannick, MD- Loyola University
2nd Place (Clinical Research): Joceline Liu, MD (Northwestern Univesrity)
3rd Place (Clinical Research): Vignesh Packiam, MD (University of Chicago)

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Charles Huggins Resident Essay Contest

Congratulations to our 2017 winners!

1st Place (Clinical Research): Mathew Fakhoury, MD- Cook County
1st Place (Clinical Research): Nabeel Hamoui, MD- Northwestern University
1st Place (Basic Science): Daniel Oberlin, MD-Northwestern University
2nd Place (Clinical Research): Andrew Cohen, MD- University of Chicago
2nd Place (Basic Science): Joceline Fuchs, MD- Northwestern University
3rd Place (Clinical Research): Dimitri Papagiannopoulos, MD-Rush University
3rd Place (Basic Science): Jessica Wetterlin, MD-Loyola University

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